Yogurteria YoSoft

At the YoSoft by Natfood you will find fresh and creamy yogurt to be tasted natural or to be decorated with fresh fruit, cereals, toppings, grains, as well as with the new and delicious chocolate and hazelnut cream.

Furthermore rice yogurt, always by Natfood: a 100% vegetable cold cream, without any animal derivative, also suitable for vegans and naturally lactose- and gluten-free.

Gin-co Point

At the Gin-co Point you can taste the famous ginseng coffee Gin-co by Natfood, official sponsor of the water park. Gin-co is a full-bodied, tasty coffee with a characteristic caramelized note, that makes it immediately recognizable on the palate. A delicious ginseng-based drink, gluten-free, without hydrogenated fats and lactose-free to satisfy everybody, even the most attentive ones as far as regards wellness and for those who are intolerant to certain foods. Gin-co gives its name to the fun slide: Gin-co “the sensory slide”.

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