• Moku – The children’s island


MOKU – The children’s island by PAGO, is a space with games and water fun especially designed for the needs of a child. A swimming pool dedicated to our smallest guests with new and funny Hawaiian sceneries, with a funny slide and a nice playground.
MOKU will present funny figures in the “Tiki”-style and thanks to the partnership with PAGO and their fruit juices, it will be enriched with numerous coloured elements to stimulate the children’s fantasy and curiosity. Everything in the full style of the campaign PAGO – True Colours and their motto: “Life is full of colours, enjoy the best ones”.


  • Children who are taller than 1.40 m must not slide.
  • Parents are allowed to bring their children to the starting platform of the slides, but it is strictly forbidden to slide with them
  • Sliding on the feet is forbidden.

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