• Loko, the fire slide

In Acqua Village Cecina you will find Lua Pele, the Island of the volcanoes.

Lua Pele, the island of volcanoes, was born in 2017; Loko, the fire slide, was born in 2018. Creativity meets the most advanced technology at the Acqua Village water park in Cecina and the result is a one of a kind attraction.
Everything started in 2016 with the project conceived by Marco Bressan, owner of Ozlab Funfactory company, and by Riccardo Fara, creative director of Acqua Village WaterParks: the idea was to create an island of entertainment which referred to the Hawaiian islands, which over the years has become a source of inspiration for the thematization of the water parks of Cecina and Follonica (Tuscany).
However at the base of the project there was something more than only a thematic area with slides and pools: the news was to mix fun with the latest technologies, giving the customer the feeling of really entering in the heart of an active volcano, thanks to video projections of the latest generation.

And the dream has come true. In 2017 Lua Pele, the island of volcanoes, was inaugurated at the Acqua Village Cecina: two slides, one outside and one inside (this one last summer crossed a crater) and a wellness lagoon. This area was already extraordinary for the magnificence of its structure and for the height of the slides, which are about 15 meters high. This attraction won the Parksmania Special Jury Prize 2017. However the project was only at an early phase: in 2018 the Acqua Village team worked on the conclusion of the crater which has become a 17 meters high and 12 meters wide volcano. Thanks to the special effects, the inside slide has become Loko, the fire slide: it finds in Lua Pele area with the outside slide Waho, the flying slide, and Wailele, the wellness lagoon. The project sees the partnership of the 4DODO studio, which is specialized in virtual scenography.

The executive plan was born from that project, which saw at work a team of engineers and experts, who have transformed the first ideas into reality also with the management of the park. 18 tons of iron support the structure of poilurethane and cement, and it was erected directly in the building site of the water park. A team of sculptors, who was directed by Raffaele Lattuada, sculpted the inside of the volcano, creating a volcanic-themed scenography characterized by two Tiki-masks. Sculptures, masks and cavities are the background of the projections made by 4DODO. The experts of the studio have been in Cecina to scan the inside surface of the volcano in order to create the contents for the computer graphics, which animate the interior of Loko, the heart of the attraction Lua Pele. 4DODO has created a 3D Projection Mapping project for Loko. To reach the final result, the work was divided into different phases: the first involved the raising of the new structure in order to scan the inside surface of the volcano with laser scanners (Stonex X300). The result of the scan was a cloud of over a million points, which was elaborated to obtain a 3D model of the volcano. The volumes were digitally “sculpted” on the surface of this model and then painted digitally. Animations and effects of pouring lava, magma, lights and shadows, smoke have been studied and added. The visual content will make Loko the first water attraction equipped with this technology, which will be projected at 360 degrees through a special technological infrastructure designed specifically by 4DODO.

«The work behind a project like the one of Lua Pele is very much – explains the director of Acqua Village Cecina Sergio Foschi – and that is what you can not see: the engine room of the attraction is handled in detail, so like the scenography. It was a difficult but so exciting operation and today we can say we have done it: it was not so obvious ». And the satisfaction is not missed even in the ones who conceived the birth of Lua Pele, the island of volcanoes. « The biggest news was to put together the attraction with a series of video mapping projections – says Marco Bressan of the company Ozlab – in collaboration with the 4DODO study. It is the very first time in the world: there is still no slide with projections of this kind.
In 2018 the volcano was completed as if it were a natural process, as if an island was born: the lava goes out, creates a mountain and around it there are trees, green areas and a lagoon with spectacular waterfalls ». Acqua Village will continue in the future on this line: surprises are certainly not over. «The Hawaiian theme is going on and it will be the same in the next years – explains the creative director of Acqua Village, Riccardo Fara -: thanks to the ownership of the parks, every summer season we can give space to our imagination and our ideas are realized». And Marcello Padroni, owner of the Acqua Village WaterParks, reaffirms it: «the story of Acqua Village starts from far away: when I arrived in Cecina, the park was not like now. I came from another type of work, but I immediately fell in love with this fantastic world. So after Cecina, the Follonica water park has arrived: over the years we have invested a lot on both our parks, leading them to be reference points of Italian entertainment. Thanks to Lua Pele and Loko, now we can say we have made a further investment towards Hawaiian thematization. We will continue along this line with continuously important and surprising projects».

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