• Gin-co



This attraction takes its name from Gin-co, the ginseng coffee and flagship product of Natfood.
The multitrack slide can be used by everyone, simply with the body or with single- or two seater rubber boats. The sensory experience will start from a scenery portal.
You will walk through a pathway that will stimulate your sense of touch with cork, grass, water and sand.
On the top of the slide LED lights, thematic music and ginseng scented vaporizers, able to stimulate sight, hearing and smell.
And if you arrive at the arrival pool with the sound of the Gin-co jingle, you will get a coin to taste a ginseng coffee at the Ginco Point.
With Gin-co you will entertain your senses!


  • Children who cannot swim must wear armbands
  • Double rubber boats: maximum weight 150 kg

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