• Aloha RistoFood Follonica

    Work in progress


At Acqua Village in Follonica, a new food area is waiting to be completely discovered

The Aloha RistoFood is situated in the center of the water park: high quality products and a fantastic Hawaiian themed scenery

It is one of the novelties for the summer 2019 at the Acqua Village in Follonica: a completely new food area has been created in the center of the water park. High quality products that are the result of a continuous research of the Acqua Village staff for Aloha RistoFood,where it will be possible to taste both, typical fast food as well as freshly cooked dishes, that are prepared by the chefs of the fun structure thanks to Show cooking. A brand new catering concept that is going to extend the services offered by the water park: visitors may pass hours of relaxation and adrenaline and then move to the Aloha RistoFood for lunch or a tasty break. The facility is composed of many elements, such as the two giant Moai statues  welcoming the visitors at the entrance  of the Aloha RistoFood: two big Tiki-style masks recalling the Hawaiian Islands, six meters height and four meters large at the base. But the news won’t end here: in the center of the food area will be situated Kumu, the fun tree. Kumu has a weight of 4 quintals and will speak to the visitors of the water park. Inside of the structure, in fact, has been placed a last generation audio system that allows Kumu to communicate with the visitors and entertain the smallest guests of the water park in Follonica. The tree structure is of 5 meters height, with a trunk with a diameter of 1.80 meters, 50 square meters of leafage, 4 branches, 600 sprigs of leafs   A primary structure made of 300 kilograms of iron, shaped by hand with a smooth rod.The iron skeleton was covered with a plastic net, Trinter, following the shape that was given by the rod. Then, the first layer of coat of concrete was sprayed, followed by a second layer of 8 cm height. The food area was scenically designed in cooperation with Ozlab Funfactory, and sculpted by the sculptor Raffaele Lattuada and his staff.

Work continues at Acqua Village Follonica: the summer 2019 will be full of surprises!

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