• NEWS 2017

This new attraction will be discovered into two steps: the first in 2017 and the second in 2018

The big news 2017 of Acqua Village Cecina is called Lua Pele, the volcanos Island. This maxi attraction takes inspiration from Hawaii: it will be inaugurated this summer in Cecina water park, near to the Kamikaze slides, immediately after the entrance of the structure. A real archipelago where fun and relax mix perfectly together. Two slides, one inside and the other outside, will be taken on with special rubber boats, which will start from a height of 15 meters through 60 meters of length. The descent’s duration will change from 25 to 40 seconds. Thanks to the scenography, which has been curated by Ozlab Studio and created by the sculptor Raffaele Lattuada, and the technologies, the slides will give life to a real attraction: near to the slides will be created a new area full of waterfalls and with six 2,8 meters deep tanks and a pool.

The exciting and captivating inside experience will bring the guests inside a crater, and later in 2018 into a real volcano. This summer the inside slide will transport you into a 7 meters high crater: thanks to a custom-made audio system and about 40 water vaporizes synchronized with the audio you will enjoy an unforgettable experience. In 2018 the crater will become a real 14 meters high volcano. The location will be closed and the guests will be transported inside a real volcano thanks to a virtual scenography, the video mapping’s technology, the sounds and the water vaporizes. This new attraction with its explicit reference to the Pacific Islands is an important step towards the Acqua Village’s next transformation into a total theme water park, where the theme will be about the fantastic world of the Pacific Islands.

Outside or inside, you won’t be indifferent to the volcano Island after visiting it: the magnificent power of Lua Pele is a primordial recall to energy and vitality. Its history is about water and fire. The offered journey is about adrenaline and enthusiasm. Its promise is an amazing summer.

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