• Acqua Village Show


Inside Acqua Village of Cecina, you will find a theatre in the shape of a volcano (height 12mt).
The name remembers the famous Hawaiian volcano Mauna Loa, the largest and working volcano in the world.
The connection to the Hawaiian Islands is desired, in fact in the course of daily shows will be told a story about the origin of the word Aloha, the term used as a famous greeting and keyword as a reference point for the theming scenic of the acquavillage parks.
The theatre will hold the Acqua Village Show: the show was conceived, designed and carried out in collaboration with the famous circus school Mantica that will present its artists acrobats (5 adults and 1 child). They will throw they from heights of over 6 meters, presenting a unique and fantastic show. The original music of the show were made with major producers specialized in sound-track. Finally, the stage designing, was created in collaboration with the company Panel System, famous for projects not only with Acqua Village but with well-known amusement parks like: Gardaland, Mirabilandia and Rainbow Magic World.”
From 14 July every day in Cecina.

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